Feather and down are by-products of the industry that raises geese and ducks for food. We purchase from the original source and process the by-products ourselves to satisfy our strict feather size and down-fill power requirements. As well, our Ultraclean washing process renders the blend “hypo-allergenic.”

When the feather and down arrive from farm processing plants, feather and down, feather debris, dirt, and barnyard muck are all mixed together!

Our first job is to wash the entire mixture using bio-degradable emulsions and a series of 8 hot water rinses to “purify” the original stock.

Then we separate the down, which represents about 15% of the total weight, from the feather types; body 20% and wing and tail 55%, the remaining 10% is dirt and waste. An enormous glass and wood machine, a “separator”, blows the down and feathers through a series of 4 to 5 vertical wooden baffles. The process works by gravity. The lightest element, down, goes to the farthest vertical wooden baffle and is deposited in a holding chamber, next to the last chamber, the lighter weight body feathers, then the wing and tail feathers, and closest to where the material enters the separator is where the waste is deposited.