Where does feather and down come from?

All of the feather and down that PCF uses is a by product of the food industry (like the leather used in apparel and furniture).

I'm allergic to birds, will these cushion exacerbate my allergies?

PCF washes the feather and down using biodegradable emulsifiers, then rinses the product up to 8 times, in accordance with our Ultraclean® process. The result is a debris free, hypo allergenic natural fill with exceptional performance.

Feathers are coming through my cushion, does this mean my cushion is defective?

Occasionally, a few feathers will work their way through the cushion cover. This is normal, since there must be airflow through the cushion for comfort adjustability. PCF uses one of the highest rated air perm fabrics in the marketplace.

Is special care required for natural fill cushions?

PCF Cushions are easy to care for - Click Here for care instructions.