Feather and Down Defined

Many people think feather and down are the same. Yes, both are produced by waterfowl, geese or ducks. However, feather and down have different functions when used for cushioning. Feathers have a shaft with soft radiating fibers that fiber cushions a natural spring-like support. The higher the percentage of feathers, the more supportive the seat cushion. Feather quality is graded by size; we use only the highest grade small body feathers ranging in size from 1 1/2 to 2 inches.

Down is a spherical plumule, without a shaft of any kind. There are thousands of soft filament type fibers radiating out from its center. Down helps to create the form and the softness of our cushions. The higher the percentage of down in the fill blend, the “cushier” the seat. Down is graded by filling power, that is, how many cubic inches, under a weighted cover, will one ounce of down will fill. The industry standard is 500 cu. inches our down constantly fills 550 cu.

The Natural Fill Standard

Feather and down “Interiors” represent less than 5% of the total dollars spent on cushioning, yet they are the gold standard of comfort and quality against which synthetic filling materials are measured. Feather and down blends act much differently than polyester or urethane foam due to their ADJUSTABILITY. This property allows cushions to conform to the body, and can-at the same time-be fluffed to fit any support requirement to provide optimal comfort. The innate characteristics of natural feather and down blends make them the most desirable of upholstery cushions.