Our Cover Story

Breathe! A cushion cover must “breathe” in order to do its job, that is allowing the contents to create the perfect seat. Breathability is measured by air permeability. Air perm is a measurement of how much air is escaping through a cover. The scale in our industry is 10cfm or less. The higher the number the more air is moving through the material. A balance between air flow and feather proofness needs to be struck. We found that the ideal number is 5. Cotton, whose natural characteristics-including porosity-is the best choice for covers, although it is more expensive than polyester or polyester and cotton blends. We use the highest thread count possible which helps us achieve our air permeability goal.

Featherbarrier™ Fabric

This is our exclusive cotton fabric which we purchase in the greige or base cloth, unfinished state. Our finish is another contributing factor to achieving the desired 5 cfm air permeability number. We finish our fabric by backfilling, adding a natural talc biodegradable filler and pressure applying to our base cloth after which we subject our material to calendaring, a process of friction finishing the fabric through hot rollers. Both processes assist in obtaining a perfectly balanced cover fabric, one that will breathe allowing you to sit in, not on the cushion, while maintaining a maximum down and feather proof character.