Blending...our recipe for success

Blending different types of filling materials brings together the optimum characteristics of each component. Think of blending as a “recipe” for creating the perfect seat.

The ingredients are:
• Feathers - for spring-like support and resiliency
• Down - to create form and softness
• Polyester Fiber - excellent resiliency, cushion crown, and value
• Foam Core - for support in seat cushions

Some of our most popular recipes for success

Featherblend™ : 50% Ultima Supreme™ fiber/45% duck feather/5% duck down which creates a supportive cushion with excellent resiliency and crown.
95/5 Duck: 95% duck feather/5% down for a soft cushion with medium firm support
85/15 Duck: 85% duck feather/15% down for a medium support
75/25 Duck: 75% duck feather/25% down for a medium soft support and is recommended and used for many designer and custom lines
50/50 Duck: 50% down and 50% feathers is the epitome of soft lushness and is ideally used in back pillows